Young Intercultural Dialogue between Eu and Latin America


Young Intercultural Dialogue between Eu and Latin America is a European Voluntary Service Project, coordinated by AFSAI in 2010  and  co-fundend by the European Commissin in the framework of the Youth in Action Programme.  

Young Intercultural Dialogue between Eu and Latin America was a Group EVS project arming at promoting the importance of Intercultural Dialogue as way to fight discriminations and prejudices not only towards people that belong to other cultures but also towards all those disadvantaged target groups that coexist in our societies. We tried to pursuit this goal by involving our volunteers in experiences dealing with social Inclusion of youngsters and children with fewer opportunities, disabled people, refugees or elderly people.

This EVS project brought together a total number of 12 volunteers, 7 Italian and 5 from Latin America. While the Latin American volunteers were  engaged into 5 hosting projects based in Italy  for 6 months, the Italian volunteers were invited to go to Honduras, Costa Rica, Peru and Brazil, for 3 months. All of them did  their activities in hosting organizations involved in the social field where they can together have an active role within our society which nowadays is relating itself with immigration issues and the concept of intercultural or multicultural societies.
All tasks in which European and Non European volunteers were invited in, were based on informal and non formal learning techniques The innovative and entertaining elements brought about by new volunteers enhanced the power of informal learning process of young hosts that positively benefited from the presence of foreigners.


New AFSAI Logo

The competition Winner is Zerrin Kabaogluzerrin_kabaoglu_-_photo

Zerrin Kabaoglu is from Kyrenia, Cyprus. In 2010, she graduated from Canterbury School of Architecture, UCA in Canterbury, UK and she is an Architectural Assistant right now.  She also is interested in photography, 3D model making and design.




The logo’s design is an idea of people opening their arms to the world to help, interact and teach. These people joins at the centre which represents how they support each other and trust each other.

The idea behind the colors of the logo is multiculturalism and the colors represent the variety of people joined this association.

I kept the name simple and modern but with little curves at the edges to make it softer and friendlier.

To sum up, I wanted to show strength, unity, variety and youth at the logo.

This is the LOGO:



Logo Competition

The Competition has been closed last December 10th.

The Evaluation Committe has already started to analize the 17 projects selected.
Soon the results. 


AFSAI New Logo

AFSAI has started a phase to redefine its corporate image. After more than a decade, and in the light of social and communication changes, we consider compulsory to adapt its image along the lines of the existing technological facilities.

For this reason, we evaluated and considered that the first natural step to start this process of revitalization is to create a new logo.

A brand that can represent continuity with the past, express our experience but also highlights the link with the future and the new generations.

We do invite you to participate in the competition for the identification of a new logo and slogan for the AFSAI.

Open to all those people (over 18) who feel they can express an idea viable and attractive. The winning idea will receive a Wacom Tablet Intuos4L.

Participants must fill out the form you will find at this LINK and follow all the indication.

In case of technical problems, please write to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .

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Let's meet the street

letsmeetA new vision to prevent youth violence.

It is a project funded by the European Commission under the Youth in Action Program and its is objective the exchange of good practices on intercultural education as a useful tool for the prevention of youth violence.
The project born in collaboration with several non-profit associations involved in non-formal education and street leaving kids education in Italy, Belgium, Spain, Kenya, Ghana, South Africa, Brazil, Honduras and Peru.
In April has been organized a training course held in Nairobi (Kenya) on the study and application of methods of intercultural learning and non-formal education in working with young victims of violence.
The course gave participants the opportunity to compete in such a multicultural experience and experiment with techniques of non-formal education.
Between May and October, participants will organize four different workshops at local level using the methods learned during the course.
All experiences will be then collected in a CD-ROM that will contribute to the dissemination of results.
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